Finland 2008

In November 2008 I made with my friend Anička 8 days long trip to Finland, we took off to Helsinki's airport Vantaa on Monday 17th November and we returned on Monday 24th November to Prague's airport Ruzyně.

Everything began with an invitation to visit Finland from my friend Lada. After a very short deciding I decided to go. I asked Anička if she like to go with me and finally we really went. I'm glad that I went and I would like to thank Lada for her invitation, for place to stay on her luxury student's hostel and mainly for that she survived with us.


Finland was fully great! It's a wonderful country with nice people and without crime. I would like to return to Finland someday and take a look at northern part of Finland. Although it may seem impossible, we had perfect weather. It started to snow next to last day, so we saw Helsinki with fresh white snow. Simply absolutely fascinating!

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